Charles Montgomery, born in Zimbabwe and Managing Director of Suburban Guns in Cape Town, South Africa since July 2002, first met Nick Holt at IWA Outdoor show in Nuremberg in 2003 and struck a long friendship and became Holts first overseas representative.


For the past 19 years, Charles has set up free valuation days around South Africa , Kenya, Namibia and Zimbabwe and as a result consigned thousands of guns and accessories to Holts Auctions on behalf of all our vendors.

Most popular items sort are sporting guns, Muskets and old Martini Henry’s , Lee Enfield .303, Webley’s ,Lugers, air rifles ,swords and Bayonets

Nick's first visit to SA
Rob Morgan , Nick and Charles at HunTex Show

Holts South Africa take care of all the necessary paperwork, transfer firearms to Suburban Guns and apply for the export permits and a professional packing and export team takes care of the logistics from Africa to Holts UK.  Vendors are then paid out after the sale for their items sold.

Holts South Africa , furthermore , undertake to assist buyers who are interested in buying items on the Holts Auctions  and consigning their purchases back to South Africa.