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Complete our evaluation form or contact our agent, he will guide you through the estimation procedure, which is carried out in photos and via email.

This assessment is completely free and does not obligate you to anything!

After this estimate, we will take care of everything to sell your weapon for the best price.


If you sell your weapon at Holts

First of all, you need to complete our online assessment. Should you have any questions, please contact Charles Montgomery via email :

A free valuation of your firearm / edged weapon will be made based on submitted photos.

If you accept our assessment, upon handing in your weapon, you will receive a sales contract specifying all conditions of sale. We take care of all the administrative procedures for transport.

Information is not used for contractual purposes.


21 November 2022 -Antique and vintage weapons and accessories, taxidermy, edged weapons and military

22 November 2022 -Pistols and accessories, modern and sporting weapons

Both days start at 10:00


We strive to make the process of selling your gun very straightforward. Simply contact HOLTS and we will do the rest. With a global network of representatives, regular free regional Valuation Days and arranged home visits, it is simple for you to receive a bespoke service tailored to your needs at a time and place which suits you.

We can provide you with a no commitment appraisal, our suggested reserve value and estimate for auction, or valuation for insurance if required. Once you are satisfied we can consign the items, our specialists will guide you through the process of notifying the correct authorities, keeping the whole process as stress-free as possible.

Overseas clients can enjoy the same bespoke service by liaising with our International representatives and dedicated import agents who will deal with the entire importation process for you, enabling the auction of your items in the UK a very simple and enjoyable experience.


Terms & Conditions

Before taking part in any of HOLTS auctions please first download and read our terms and conditions: Terms & Conditions

Privacy policy

If you wish to read about how HOLTS Auctioneers handles your private information and details please read our Privacy Policy.


If the items consigned are licensable, please inform your Firearms Licensing department that these items are now with us, pending entry into the next appropriate auction. This is purely an informal notification to keep your firearms department informed of the whereabouts of your firearms. Official notification and the removal of the firearm(s) from your license will take place after they have been sold. You will receive a reminder to do this on your post-auction settlement statement.

Auction Procedure

Items consigned will be processed and entered into the most suitable of our three auction platforms; a quarterly ‘live’ auction, its counterpart silent auction or one of our monthly online only auctions.

You will receive a pre-auction advice by email or post which will confirm the items entered for auction, their respective Lot numbers and reserve figure (if applicable). Our minimum Lot fee is £15.00 (plus VAT) per lot so under some circumstances, lower value items may be grouped together to make a Lot commercially viable.

Whilst we endeavor to enter all items into the next available auction, under some circumstances consignments may be spread over more than a single auction cycle.

After the auction you will receive a post auction advice informing you of the results of auction. This is now the time to notify your Licensing authorities of firearms now sold.

Unsold Items

Any items remaining unsold at the close of a live or sealed bid auction will automatically be listed on our website for a period of two weeks under ‘buy it now’ conditions at the agreed reserve level.

If any items remain unsold from the live auction after this period, you will be contacted to discuss the potential options with regard to re-entry or return.

Unsold items from silent or online auctions will automatically be re-entered into the next auction with a 25% reduction in estimate and reserve unless we receive specific written instructions to the contrary